September 2021

Current record import volumes and resulting prices, congestion, and delays forecast to continue into 2022

Every source we read suggests that the current high freight rates, congestion, and delays will continue past Q4/21 well into Q1/22 and maybe beyond.  Please plan your shipments accordingly. Also, please know that we will make every effort to get your shipments off the pier/airport as expeditiously as possible, but truckers are and will be in short supply for the foreseeable future.  Please get us your documents as soon as possible so we can pre-book your truckers.

Increased Frequency of Cyber Breaches Spurs The Newest Evolution of Cyber Insurance Coverage (From International Bond and Marine Insurance)

“…major, catastrophic cyber breaches are now reality as well as an almost constant threat successfully targeting our government, hospital, and vital supply chain infrastructures, as well as any number of critical business functions, from industries both large and small. Savvy hackers have perfected their playbook and are now constantly, tirelessly searching for openings which will conveniently allow them to crash your servers, cripple your critical online infrastructure and potentially hold your company ransom.” Cyber insurance can now be obtained to mitigate this risk.  For more info, please go to

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