Hong Kong Marking Requirements

August 26, 2020

Additional 45-day compliance period to mark Hong Kong products

Customs has announced an extension of  45-days to the transition period for compliance with the President’s Executive Order (EO) on Hong Kong Normalization.  The new compliance date is now November 9, 2020.   

As of November 9, 2020, imported goods produced in Hong Kong entered, or withdrawn from warehouse, for consumption into the United States must be marked to indicate country of origin “China” for purposes of 19 U.S.C. § 1304.  The change in marking requirements does not affect country of origin determinations for purposes of assessing ordinary duties under Chapters 1-97 of the HTSUS or temporary or additional duties under Chapter 99 of the HTSUS.  Therefore, goods that are products of Hong Kong should continue to report International Organization for Standardization (“ISO”) country code “HK” as the country of origin.  Improperly or falsely marked goods may be entered into a FTZ, or perhaps a bonded warehouse, to correct or remove such marking to bring products into full compliance.