February 2024

Lufthansa Cargo increases Airfreight Surcharge to 0.60 USD per kg

The sum of cost components in our airfreight surcharge has increased in the past weeks. Consequently, Lufthansa Cargo is increasing its Airfreight Surcharge, effective March 4th, 2024, from 0.55 to 0.60 USD per kg chargeable freight weight. Please note, the latest acceptance time (LAT) of the booked/confirmed flight, not the AWB issue date, determines the applicable Airfreight Surcharge. 

FMC meeting on Red Sea situation

There were almost NO tangible results from the Feb 7 meeting, just recaps of the situation we were already aware of.  Expect rates to increase to cover the extra cost of  diversions around Cape of Good Hope, and the delays they cause.