China GFG Agent Report on COVID

Our China GFG agent made the following report on Covid:

Govt Policy

Only citizens or permitted foreigners are allowed to enter China. Strict quarantine measures are applied for all arrivals [we understand at least two weeks, some provinces are more].

Sea Trans

Equipment, space, and capacity are bottlenecks in the market with no foreseeable change. Bottlenecks are expected to intensify.

Sea Terminals

Port congestion is noted in all regions. Ningbo Port in particular is impacted due to confirmed Covid case on worker at the Meishan terminal.

Air Trans

Reduced flights due to lockdowns around the country and increase quarantine measures for airline staff further limiting available capacity.


Travel restrictions around the country have limited trucking capabilities across the country.

Ed. Note: We are told from other sources that it will be AT LEAST Q1/22 before the situation in China eases. Please take these limiting factors into your planning.