The purpose of this form is to assist you in the filing with CBP an electronic transmission of the details of your cargo prior to that cargo being loaded on an ocean vessel bound for any U.S. port of Unlading. This is mandated by the SAFE Port Act of 2006. 

We ask that  you  fully complete the following  data elements to the best of your knowledge  as they pertain to the cargo being shipped to you under  the house bill of  lading.  If you are certain there is no house bill of lading involved then  please answer these same questions regarding the  master bill of lading.  If you are booking with a master carrier only there will not be a house bill.

                                                                                                    (ISF) Importer Security Filing to be filed our behalf by:

                                                                           Lee Hardeman Customs Broker, Inc.

Note: each one of the following elements must be submitted for each house bill of lading in order that your cargo can be loaded on board the intended vessel bound for the United States.  We must have this data 72 hours prior to vessel loading in order to make cutoff for each house bill of lading.  Complete a separate form for each bill of lading.

Complete bill of lading #

MFG’s name & address

Sellers name & address

Buyers name & address

(YOU MUST HIT SUBMIT for data to reach LHCB).  As the ISF party to this transaction you are hereby certifying that to the best of your knowledge and belief you have provided Lee Hardeman Customs Broker, Inc. with the most accurate and complete data available on this cargo under the bill of lading specified for this ISF.  If any detail should change prior to vessel arrival in the United States you further certify that you will promptly notify Lee Hardeman Customs Broker, Inc. of those changes in order that amendment can be issued to CBP.  Power of attorney to LHCB required (pg 1 of  this website, simply hit the HOME button on this page)

Please type your company name, your company title, and your company address here thereby identifying your company as the ISF filer for this transmission to LHCB.

Your name and title

Your  email address

Ship to name & address

Scheduled container # and stuffing location

Consolidator name and address

Importer of record, & EIN/IRS#

Consignee, & EIN/IRS#

Country of origin where MFG, produced, grown

Harmonized Tariff Schedule for every different item represented by this  bill, at least to the 6 digit level